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On the development prospect of machinery industry in 2015

阅读(0) 次   2015-9-14 11:17:43

2015 two major investment themes - industry 4. To ensure that the German manufacturing industry in the global competitive advantage. SIEMENS led by enterprises and academia jointly put forward the concept of industry 4, the Ministry of industry and the Ministry of industry, the preparation of the 2025 China manufacturing plan, China will use the integration of two IT (industrial technology and information technology), into the ranks of modern industrial power by 2025. 2015, the industrial 4 concept will also be sustained attention to the market, involving the field of investment not only cover machine tools, automation equipment, but also including sensors, industrial systems, software development, networking, system integration and other fields.
2015 two major investment themes - "along the way" strategy. In 2013, the Chinese leaders put forward to build the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st century Maritime Silk Road two initiatives, collectively referred to as the "along the way". We believe that the construction of "along the way" will help China to resolve the domestic overcapacity, while improving the surrounding security environment and to ensure the safety of energy import channels, and to find a new way to invest in large foreign exchange reserves. Through the "along the way" building not only can provide China with the development of the next ten years, but also can greatly enhance China's international influence. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the "along the way", Xi Jinping personally to the heads of state.
2015 construction machinery sales to stabilize, the valuation of repair. Dragged down by the real estate, the 2014 engineering machinery sales is still poor, from January to November 2014. I between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party of China sales of excavators 85032 and Taiwan, compared to the same period fell 19.90%. After the industry rose sharply, the construction machinery industry development is more robust, leverage levels, accounts receivable growth fell sharply. With the increase of infrastructure investment, and implementation of the "along the way" strategy, we expect construction machinery sales in 2015 will be stabilized in 2016 to achieve growth. Construction machinery industry in the domestic steady growth, the international "along the way" in the context of the valuation of repair, and then the results of the company's stock price rise.