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Optimization process of intelligent manufacturing engineering machinery industry

阅读(0) 次   2015-9-14 11:08:33

Intelligent manufacturing is a kind of intelligent machine system which is composed of intelligent machine and human expert. It can carry out intelligent activity in the process of manufacturing, such as analysis, reasoning, judgment, idea and decision. Through the cooperation between human and intelligent machines, to expand, extend and partially replace human experts in the manufacturing process of mental work. It makes the concept of manufacturing automation updated, extended to flexible, intelligent and highly integrated. In the field of engineering machinery, the concept of intelligent manufacturing is the process of production, processing and other processes through the Internet to transform the information technology, in order to achieve the purpose of improving efficiency, improve product accuracy and optimize the production process and so on. < br > the Ministry of industry and information technology minister Miao Wei recently wrote an article that, through the implementation of "made in China 2025, accelerate the development of China's manufacturing process of building a powerful. Therefore, will promote the implementation of the national manufacturing industry innovation center construction, intelligent manufacturing, strong industrial base, green manufacturing and high-end equipment innovation project.
information technology and the depth of the integration of manufacturing industry will become the commanding height of future industrial competition. To seize the commanding point, intelligent manufacturing is the main direction, but also to achieve the fundamental path of China's manufacturing industry by the strong. The implementation of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, to closely focus on key areas of manufacturing, to carry out the integration of new generation of information technology and manufacturing equipment integration of innovation and engineering applications. To support the joint research with research, develop smart products and smart devices and realize the industrialization. To be in good condition, the need to focus on the key areas, industries and enterprises in the implementation of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration and application promotion. To speed up the establishment of a standard system of intelligent manufacturing and information security system to build a network of intelligent manufacturing system platform.
to 2020, manufacturing focus areas of intelligent level significantly improved, pilot demonstration projects operating costs decreased by 30%, product production cycle 30%, the rate of bad product decreased by 30%; by 2025, manufacturing focus areas to achieve intelligent, pilot demonstration projects operating costs decreased by 50%, product production cycle decreased by 50%, 50%.