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  Jiangsu Baorui Mechanical Industry Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of mold, automobile and motorcycle spare and accessory parts and integrates research, development, production and sales in its one body and regards automobile mold, sheet metal component and covering part for automobile body as main products. The company was established in 2009, with RMB¥15180000 of registered capital, and is located at Jiepai Town, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province known as“China lamps and lanterns city”. Here the geographic position is very superior. Here is fewer than 20 km away from Changzhou Civil Airport in south and about 20 km away from the entrance of the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway in west and more than 10 km away from Dagang Harbor in north. In a word the traffic here is very convenient by water, land or air. The company covers an area about 65000 square meters including 50400 square meters of industrial construction area and holds more 300 of staff and workers, of them more 30 are engineers who are engaged in research and development.

  The products of the company are divided into three series: mold, metal work and injection molding products.

  Mold: design and manufacture specially sheet metal components for all kinds of vehicle, punching mold for covering parts, inspection tools, welding clamp as well as injection mold and all kinds of hardware mold; annual production capacity of mold aims at 300 equivalent units.

  Metal work product: regard covering parts for automobile, motorcycle as main body, involving covering part of automobile cab, punching part, welding part, welding unit, motorcycle frame and relative sheet metal components , laser cutting parts and bending parts, etc.  

      Injection molding products: regards automobile lamps and lanterns as main body, involving automobile head light, taillight, fog-proof light, automobile bumper, intermediate screen and plastic parts for motorcycle, etc.

      The company has advanced equipment and possesses 10 sets of large scale gantry NC processing center (in which 2 sets of 4200x2800, 4 sets of 3200x250, 4 sets of 3200x1600), 2 sets of NC milling machine, 1 set of large laser cutting machine, more 10 sets of various injection molding equipment, the scope of injection molding capacity: 125~10000g, more 10 sets of hydraulic equipment, scope of ton: 63T~1200T as well as more 10 sets of other key equipment. Meanwhile the company holds also domestic advance 100000 grade purification and dustfree treatment workshop and one welding and assembling production line. Moreover the company has ordered 2 sets of NC 5-axis processing center (5000×3000) from OKUMA, Japan in order to improve production scale and marketing competition capacity.  

   The policy of quality carried by the company is normal management, quality first, customer paramountcy, improving unceasingly. The company has passed the authentication of quality management system of ISO 9001, China Compulsory Certification(3C)as well as quality management system of TS16949.
     The company carries out the idea of“make the country prosperous with industry, good faith win-win” and devotes itself to win-win situation between customer and enterprise and build accord development platform and realize grand blueprint of customer and enterprise together.